6 Reasons a Vampire Facelift® is a Top Choice

If you have been searching for a way to rejuvenate your skin and gain a more youthful appearance, then you will find many helpful treatments at Laser Skin & Wellness. One of the top choices to reduce wrinkles and smooth out the appearance around your mouth, eyes and other trouble spots is the Vampire Facelift. Here we look at six reasons why it’s so popular from the Vampire Facelift cost in Palm Beach Gardens to the convenient consultation.

#1: The Vampire Facelift resultsPortrait of Beautiful Young Woman with Fresh Clean Skin

Take the time to look at Vampire Facelift before and after photos, and you will notice the results are significant. The skin will be healthy and smooth in appearance, and these results can last for months. Because the treatment uses your body’s natural healing properties for rejuvenation, you’ll discover that your appearance will be more natural in appearance.

#2: Fast and effective facial rejuvenation

You will not be able to beat the cost of Vampire Facelift in West Palm Beach when you factor in the quickness that it takes effect. Beyond that, the results are going to be far more impressive than creams and methods you try at home.

#3: No surgery is involved

There is no surgery involved in this facial rejuvenation treatment, and this is one reason so many people have taken advantage of it. The treatment will combine a hyaluronic acid dermal filler and natural elements from your blood to achieve stunningly smooth facial skin. You will get a series of injections that are virtually painless and strategically placed.

#4: The cost of Vampire Facelift

Many people will ask, how much does a vampire facial cost in Florida? You will have to learn more about this at Laser Skin & Wellness, but you will generally find that you can spend a few hundred dollars on up to a few thousand depending on the areas you want to target (and other services you want to take advantage of).

#5: Multiple areas of the face can be targeted

There are many areas of the face that can be targeted from the fine lines around the corner of your mouth, crow’s feet, and wrinkles on the forehead. You can also get results that will plump the cheeks and reduce the appearance of smile and frown lines. Whatever area of your face that you struggle with and find yourself obsessing over, you can speak with our specialists to find out of the Vampire Facelift is right for you.

#6: The consultation is complimentary

To learn more about Vampire Facelift cost and to discover for yourself why it is such as popular choice from celebrities to people that work at home, you can schedule a free consultation. Call the experts at Laser Skin & Wellness at 561-641-9490 or fill out the contact form online. You can also conveniently swing by our Florida locations in Palm Beach Gardens and the surrounding areas.

6 Benefits of IPL Treatment

IPL (Intense Pulse Light) can improve the signs of aging with the innovative light therapy treatment method and an experienced specialist performing each session. The light therapy is designed to reduce the natural symptoms that can speed up aging such as being out in the sun too much, and prematurely bringing out fine lines. Here we look at a just a few of the IPL treatments benefits and how to learn more if you live in Palm Beach Gardens and the surrounding area.

#1: IPL covers a variety of skin conditionsAsian beauty skincare woman touching skin on face

IPL can be used for many different skin conditions that men and women want to see smoothed out and resolved. Of course, fine lines and wrinkles can be targeted, but age spots, sun damage, rosacea, and other issues can also be addressed. If you have a skin irregularity, and want to find out if you are a good candidate, then reach out to Laser Skin & Wellness to get more detailed information.

#2: The procedure is effective

IPL treatment has proven to be effective time and again for patients will different needs, and it’s because of the depth of the skin the wavelength can penetrate. Sessions are about thirty minutes long, and most patients will need between three and five, and the benefits of IPL will be noticed over the course of a few months.

#3: The treatment is comfortable

We are all familiar with the phrase, “beauty is pain,” but when it comes to IPL treatments, you will find that it is virtually pain-free, and most people even find it comfortable because of the warming aspects. While some may find it a mildly irritating, this feeling is very minor and subtle.

#4: Results are quick and lasting

It will take time to see the gradual and lasting results, but many start to notice the improvements after the first session. Each person will be different in the results and the benefits of IPL laser that they enjoy. However, the quick and lasting benefits are something that everyone appreciates.

#5: The treatment is precise

The IPL laser will be precise when targeting the skin, and it won’t affect other skin structures. Being able to specifically target your skin condition and stimulate collagen to produce and correct the area will give you exceptional results. Having this precision is vital to ensuring that you get natural results that are smooth and improved, and that other parts of your face are not affected.

#6: The consultation is free

If you are ready to learn more about the IPL laser benefits, then you can reach out to Laser Skin & Wellness by filling out our online form or calling 561-641-9490. If can also visit our locations in Lake Worth and the surrounding areas. We will answer any questions you have about the cost of IPL treatments and whether you are good candidate. Our treatments are always discreet and we put your health first, and we look forward to helping you reverse the signs of aging today!

What Causes Love Handles in Men?

Many women have been fighting love handles for what seems like an eternity, and it can be frustrating because it feels like men don’t have the same issues when it comes to things like spider veins, cellulite, and those tricky love handles. But trust that guys do, and these trouble spots can be just as stubborn and tricky to get rid of as it is for women! Here we are going to focus on what causes love handles in men, and how to get rid of them if you live in West Palm Beach and the surrounding areas.

What causes love handlesJoyful man smiling

Men and women can both get love handles but there are a few differences between the two. While women tend to distribute weight gain over their entire body, men often carry those extra pounds around their belly. This makes the stomach a prime focus for men and sends them off on the search, what causes love handles?

  • Lifestyle choices: One of the primary causes of love handles is as simple as what you put in your body. Men tend to get those beer bellies from overindulging in fatty foods, excess calories, and carb heavy alcoholic beverages, as well as not getting enough protein and water in their diet.
  • Sleep: Your body does a lot of work to keep you healthy in your slumber, and when you don’t get enough sleep, you aren’t giving it the opportunity to do that. Hormones such as testosterone are released at night, so be sure you are getting between 7 and 9 hours of shut-eye each night.
  • Exercise: Even if you exercise, you have to do targeted exercises to get rid of love handles. Men will need to work out more intensely and make sure they are working the right muscles.

How to correct love handles

Now that you know what causes love handles, you can start making a few small changes each day to begin reducing the appearance of them. Do targeted exercises and make sure you are getting enough sleep. Be sure you are getting your daily water intake in because men and women will often confuse dehydration with hunger.

However, for many, these changes are not enough. Especially as men get older, they will find that it gets harder and harder to get rid of that muffin top, even with a healthy lifestyle.

Many men will turn to body contouring procedures such as N-Lazer™ Lipo because it’s discreet, non-invasive, safe, and it can help you lose inches. Plus, the procedure is more affordable than many alternatives and it doesn’t leave you with irregularities that tend to come with weight gain when compared to liposuction.

Reach out for FREE consultation

If you want to know how to get rid of love handles, men and women can call for a free consultation or reach out by filling out our online contact form, and we have four convenient locations in Florida to choose from. The procedures at Laser Skin & Wellness will compliment your current efforts and help you smooth out that muffin top just in time for summer. Call 561-641-9490 today!

How to Relieve Painful Sex After Menopause

Menopause is a natural part of aging that can be both beautiful and challenging. One of the most common reasons that women have menopause sex pain is because hormone levels will reduce and shift, and this can cause vaginal tissue to become dry and thin. During intercourse, the vagina won’t have the elasticity or natural lubrication it once did, and this can cause painful sex. Menopause does not have to be painful or force you to become abstinent when you involve the professionals at a medical spa, and here are a few ways to relieve the pain and enjoy a healthy sex life again.

Begin with a free consultation to learn more about your optionslovable-middle-aged-couple

There are some excellent vaginal rejuvenation treatments in Palm Beach Gardens to learn about if you go through painful sex after menopause, and you can reach out to our specialists to find out more about Juliet – The Feminine Laser. The vaginal rejuvenation treatment will improve the condition of the mucosa, and you will begin to notice that you regain the lubrication, plumpness, and elasticity that you once enjoyed. It is a popular choice because it is non-surgical and is virtually pain-free, and only takes a few days to recovery from the process.

Have an open conversation with your doctor

You should not be bashful when speaking with your doctor in West Palm Beach about menopause painful sex. There are a few different reasons this can occur, and you want to make sure that you address the right issue. The professionals at Laser Skin & Wellness will take into account your medical history and make sure that you are a good candidate for treatments like the Juliet Feminine Laser. If there is another health problem that is causing uncomfortable intercourse beyond menopause, we will discuss these with you discreetly.

Consider your mood during intercourse

If you find that you are anxious during sex and fear that it may be painful because it has been in the past, then this can cause you to tighten your muscles, which only adds to the dryness. Relaxing your muscles is an important part of the process, and suffering from depression or a lot of stress can also have an impact on your sex life.

Here are a few other tips to relieve menopause painful sex

Once you have talked with a professional about your options for feminine lasers, there are a few other things you can do to improve the way your vagina feels during sex. You can use a lubricant to improve the moisture levels as well as spending more time on foreplay, so your body starts to produce wetness naturally. You should also be mindful of the soaps you use when bathing to ensure they aren’t drying you out.

At Laser Skin & Wellness we are discreet when you come to speak to us about painful sex after menopause. Begin with a no-obligation and FREE consultation by calling 561-641-9490 or filling out the form online.

Improve These 5 Trouble Spots With a Body Contouring Procedure

With the summer months right around the corner and the smaller clothing coming out of the closet, you may start to notice a few trouble spots. Whether you’re a woman and you want to smooth your thighs, or you’re searching for how to remove love handles for men, you’ll find there are many methods to improve these areas. However, not all will be effective and get the results that you’re striving for. When you’ve put in the effort, and still aren’t happy with the way certain parts of your body are looking, it’s time to seek the help of the professional. Here are five trouble spots that the body contouring specialists at Laser Skin & Wellness can improve.

#1: Love HandlesAttractive girl on a yacht at summer day

If you’ve been wondering how to get rid of love handles, men and women often use different workout methods and will change their diet to try to get results. However, with natural aging working against you when it comes to this trouble spot, you’ll find that you may need more than squats and kale. Body contouring procedures like TruSculpt and N-Lazer™ Lipo will target the area and smooth out the love handles.

#2: Abdomen

Often, if you want to know how to get rid of love handles, you’ll want to address all of the issues with your abdomen and waistline. A body contouring procedure will tighten and pull this area of the body in, so clothes fit better and you look fantastic in a bathing suit.

#3: Arms

Over the years, the skin on your arms can droop and lose their natural look, and this trouble spot is often more pronounced in women than men. But trust that many people love the benefits that you get from contouring this area of the body because it opens up your wardrobe to sleeveless tops that you’ll be excited to show off as you throw your hands in the air.

#4: Back

Excess skin on your back can be an issue for people that have lost a significant amount of weight or have a family history of gaining weight in this spot. One feature of the body contouring procedures is that they are non-invasive, so you’ll have faster results and recovery times than more invasive procedures.

#5: Thighs

The upper leg and thigh are another area that tends to be a problem, and our professional laser technicians will listen to your goals and then find the body contouring solution that works the best for you. In some cases, people will choose one trouble spot to target with a procedure, while others will choose multiple areas.

Call today for your FREE consultation and let us know what areas of your body that you want to see improvements. We’ll find the best procedure for how to get rid of love handles, excess skin around the thighs, and much more! Simply pick up the phone and dial 561-641-9490 or fill out the easy online contact form and we’ll get back to you quickly.