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Most Effective Laser Treatment to Remove Spider Veins

At Laser Skin & Wellness, our expert laser technicians offer spider vein removal using either laser treatment. Laser vein removal is quick and virtually painless, transforming the face and legs into vein-free skin. What are spider veins? Spider veins are small, enlarged blood vessels on the skins surface that appear red or blue. They may appear as unconnected lines or in a matted pattern. Sometimes, they look like branches of a tree or a spider web. Sometimes, they can appear anywhere on the body but spider veins are usually found on the face and legs. Normally, they have no health risk, however, after prolonged standing, they may cause a burning sensation or dull aching in the legs. The cause of spider veins is not completely known. In many cases, there appears to be a genetic predisposition.laser vein removal What is laser vein removal? We provide laser vein therapy in order to help remove most spider veins. Laser technology, offers a very effective means of removing spider veins. The laser has this ability to pin point certain blood vessels without truly affecting surrounding tissues. The light is absorbed by the spider veins in return. Accordingly, the vessels are heated very gently which causes the blood to collapse. During the natural healing process, the body then reabsorbs the treated blood vessels. How many treatments will I need? Depending upon the severity of the spider veins, you may require two or more treatments, spaced at 6 to 8 weeks apart. Realistically, about 60-70% improvement with 2 or more treatments are expected. What happens after treatment? Patients report temporary swelling & redness which disappears very quickly. Bruising is possible and may take weeks to resolve. Others may experience pigment changes in skin color that typically resolves over time. Since laser vein treatment does not burn or cut the skin in any way, no bandages are necessary, and you can return to your normal activities immediately, provided you clearly follow all post treatment instructions. Give us a call at (561) 641- 9490 to schedule your FREE consultation today.

individual results may vary