By: Karen Lederman

Are you thinking of getting a tattoo removed? Don’t worry, many people who decide to get tattoos end up wishing that they had not gotten inked. Whether it be the location on their body they got the tattoo or what the picture of the tattoo is, it’s very difficult to choose something that can stay forever. Sometimes, it’s simply that they need to look more professional for their job or they don’t want to be seen at the PTA with a tattoo. Whatever the reason, if you are in the Palm Beach or Lake Worth area, Laser Skin & Wellness can help remove your unwanted tattoos.

laser tattoo removal procedure

 If you have been thinking about getting a tattoo removed for a while, there is no doubt you have seen creams and ointments advertised that you can buy to try and remove tattoos yourself. Be aware that these products are generally not FDA approved and can be very harmful to your skin. There is a reason new technology with lasers comes out very frequently to help aid in removing tattoos. If it were as easy as putting on an ointment, everyone would be trying it and recommending it. Don’t despair. People get tattoos removed every day using different methods that involve professionals at a sterile and safe environment. Laser Skin & Wellness uses the latest technology in lasers to effectively remove tattoos.

 It may have taken one sitting to get your tattoo, but unfortunately it can take several visits to remove the tattoo. This is to ensure that it is done correctly. A tattoo is meant to be permanent so in order to remove it without scarring or marring your precious skin, the professional removing your tattoo can only do so much at a time. There are a vast amount of types and colors of tattoo inks and a huge number of them are not regulated so they all respond differently to the laser. The number of visits will also depend on how large your tattoo is or how many colors are in the tattoo. Some colors respond better to the lasers than others but most will come out completely.

 Besides the multiple visits, be prepared for it to take some time for the tattoo to disappear. Visits are generally spaced several weeks apart to give skin time to heal. Just remember the end goal is to leave you with beautiful unmarred skin and this will take time and patience. Tattoo removal can be quite difficult depending on how far into the skin the ink has gone and how large the tattoo is. Even a small tattoo will require more than one visit and some colors like green are particularly stubborn to remove and this will take time.  

 If you are regretting that tattoo, and want some information on our laser treatment, call for a consultation and see what can be done for you. Our professionals are honest and excellent at what they do. Find out about removing your particular tattoo or tattoos today. Call our offices at 561-641-9490 and speak to someone about your first visit.