By: Karen Lederman 

As we get older, our bodies just aren’t the same. We adjust with age and our bodies shift as well with those changes. We get tired more easily, it’s harder to lose weight and stay in shape, and our libido sure isn’t what it used to be. When are these things part of getting older, and when should we be concerned? 

hormone replacement therapy

Hormones in men and women play an important role in many parts of our body. It is a delicate balance that keeps our bodies feeling young and healthy. When our hormones become unbalanced and our bodies change as we get older, the result is a lot of negative side effects ranging from tiredness to thinning hair. If the effects of menopause are ruining your quality of life, it’s time to take action. What can you do about it? Fortunately, there is Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy available at Laser Skin & Wellness.

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy uses hormones that are an exact chemical match to the hormones our bodies make naturally. This therapy is used to reduce the side effects of menopause in women and andropause in men. Treatments include thyroid, insulin, and vitamin D components. It also helps your body get back to having normal levels of progesterone, estrogen, and testosterone. 

When your hormones are not properly leveled, you do not feel like yourself. It may take several years after menopause for hormones to reach normalcy again. There is no reason to put yourself through several years of miserable side effects when there is a treatment available to help reduce these symptoms.

Usually only women are thought to have hormonal imbalances as they age, but this happens to men too and Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement helps both men and women feel like themselves again after feeling the effects of aging and changing. Patients, before taking hormone replacement therapy, report having a loss of memory, night sweats, a feeling of sluggishness and just overall not feeling like themselves. 

Their libido is almost non-existent and difficulty sleeping also becomes more the normal. After starting treatment, patients feel a relief in all of these things. They are able to sleep better, have more energy, and improved libido. These things are so important when thinking about the quality of one’s life.

Hormone replacement does not stop aging, nor is it a fountain of youth. It does, however, make the transition of menopause and andropause much more comfortable and easier. After making an appointment, our doctors will evaluate and run tests. After finding out what you need, you will be prescribed your tailored hormone replacement. 

Patients will be monitored very carefully during treatment and will be tested every three to six months to make sure everything is as it should be. Doctors might also work with you on a diet and lifestyle plan to help support the treatment even more. The treatment will be the most effective if you are eating right and exercising.

If you would like more information about Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement and are in the Palm Beach area, call Laser Skin & Wellness at 561-641-9490 for a consultation appointment.