By: Karen Lederman

When the weather gets warm, we start shedding layers of clothing and showing more of our body. There are more outdoor activities going on in the summer time like pool parties, a day on the boat, or even a family vacation. If you are overweight, this is the time of year your insecurities about your body can really get you down. Shopping for a swimsuit, or worse, thinking about not going somewhere simply because you are unhappy with the size of your body can be depressing.

weight loss program

It’s time to get motivated to do something about it. Maybe you’ve tried certain diets before or an exercise regiment and failed to keep off the weight. It is so difficult to lose weight when you are busy. Have you given up on losing weight because you felt like what you were doing wasn’t working? It’s time to see what Laser Skin & Wellness can do for you.

The difference between our weight loss programs and the programs you see advertised on television is our plan is medically and scientifically supported and based. A trained weight loss professional will guide you through our plan that helps you see results fast. You don’t have to do it alone. Weight loss is difficult and it’s hard to reprogram your body and lifestyle by yourself. So many diet and exercise plans are one size fits all and that simply will not work. To ensure success, it must be a program that you can live with and are motivated to keep up with.

After a consultation, we will develop a plan specifically for your body and your activity level. Some people need to lose sixty pounds; others might only need to lose five or ten pounds. Whatever your situation, we will tailor an exercise and nutrition plan so that you see results you want. This might include Optifast® or an HCG diet. We don’t rely simply on will power. We work with your body’s chemistry so you get all of the nutrition you need. Our meal replacements taste good and are satisfying.

Because you see results, this motivates you to keep going. You will continue to meet with a trained professional throughout your weight loss program so they can monitor your progress and adjust if need be. We want you to succeed. It’s so much easier when you have an educated support system.

You will learn how to diet and exercise in the best way for your lifestyle, so you won’t just drop pounds, you’ll keep them off for good. This is not a fad diet or plan. When you begin our weight loss program, you will learn how to keep your body healthy and how to maintain your weight loss.

There is no better time than the present to start losing weight. Don’t put it off until colder weather. Make this the summer you lost the weight and kept it off. If you are in the Palm Beach area, call our office at (561) 641-9490 for a consultation.