By: Karen Lederman

Summer is here! With warm weather comes more shaving, waxing, and plucking. We want our skin to be smooth and hair free so we can throw on a bathing suit or a tank top and shorts in a moment’s notice. There are so many reasons to consider laser hair removal and here are just a few reasons why.

Sexy woman lying on sand in black shorts

Think of all the time you will save! Laser hair removal works on all kinds of dark hair. Blonde and red hair doesn’t do as well with laser hair removal because there is little to no melanin to absorb the light. However, it’s usually not the light hair that gives you trouble. It’s that very visible dark hair.

If you currently spending a lot of time in the shower and in the morning getting rid of unwanted hair, you could be spending that time doing so many other things. Laser hair removal can get rid of hair in small places like on your face and larger places like your legs. And you won’t have to worry about spending any more time shaving and plucking it again!

Both men and women can have laser hair removal done. Sure, we usually think of women not wanting to shave and wax, but many men hate the hair on their back, arms, and stomach! They want thinned or gotten rid of completely. Make a date with your significant other to come in for a consultation so you can both enjoy the warm summer months showing off your smooth skin!

Laser hair removal requires little to no down time. Patients report a small amount of discomfort during the procedure but nothing that requires pain medicine. If you are getting a very sensitive area done such as the bikini area, a topical anesthetic can be given to reduce any discomfort. Laser hair removal is a permanent reduction of hair with each treatment. The amount of treatments will depend on how much hair you want removed. I bet you can think of several areas that would benefit from being smooth and hair free!

The professionals at Laser Skin & Wellness have many years of experience with laser hair removal. You can rest assured that the person performing the procedure is trained and the equipment being used is the best around. Our laser hair removal technicians will explain the procedure along with making you aware of any concerns or risks. Your safety and comfort is our top priority. At your consultation, you can ask any questions you have about this popular procedure to make sure you are well informed before we begin.

If you are in the Palm Beach or Lake Worth Area, and you are interested in laser skin removal, call our office at 561-641-9490 for a consultation today. Soon, you will be able to throw away those razors and tweezers because you won’t need them anymore! Let this summer be the summer you get rid of that unwanted hair for good!