People often guess our age by looking at the skin around our eyes and lips. The fine lines and wrinkles can give it away, and in some cases cause people to think we’re even older than we really are. When you’ve worked so hard to get your body ready for the beach, and find that your confidence is still low because of the wrinkles on your face, then it’s time to think about facial fillers. a young girl looking very happy

There are people who look younger than their age, and facial fillers is often thesecret to their smooth skin and plump lips. You have some different options to choose from depending on your specific needs. The fillers are unique in how long the effects will last and the areas they target the best.

JUVE´DERM®XC is a very popular option and for good reasons. It has the ability to smooth out those fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth, nose, and eyes. Plus it can plump up your lips, bringing back the fullness that gives your face a youthful look. The practitioners at Laser Skin & Wellness take pride in their skills to give you a look that is symmetric and natural.

JUVE´DERM VOLUMA™ is perfect for those that desire to add volume to their cheeks. Over time the cheeks can sink in and create unattractive folds in the skin. While some people try to correct this problem with makeup, this facial filler is going to be a much more effective method. It provides your face with a lift that gives you a youthful profile and a beautifully contoured appearance. With optimal treatment it has the ability to last as long as 2 years.

Sculptra® Aesthetic is an injectable that assists in replenishing volume that you have been missing. As we age, the volume and fullness of our faces tend to fade, and we are left with sunken in trouble spots and deep lines that creams and makeup just can’t improve. Sculptra® can correct those deep lines and folds that tend to show up sooner in our lives than anticipated. While it does take a couple of treatments, it has a lasting effect that can be seen for almost two years, and in some cases even longer.

Your face is your first impression and lasts a lifetime in pictures and memories. We know how important it is for your skin to look youthful and radiant. Don’t let yourself lose confidence because you get discouraged when you see the signs of aging on your face. There are ways to reverse these signs and give you the look that you desire.

If you live in the Lake Worth or Palm Beach Gardens area call Laser Skin & Wellness today for your consultation (561) 641-9490. They will help give your facial skin that smooth and full look that will make your summer unforgettable. And don’t forget, if you there are more areas of your body that you want to enhance this summer, ask about joining the Beauty Club!