By: Karen Lederman

It can be frustrating when you work out and eat healthy, and are still left with unwanted pockets of fat and cellulite dimples on your body. It’s often at this point when you realize you need a little help in order to enhance your efforts, and have the body that you’ve been striving for. However, before you go straight to the doctor for liposuction, there is an alternative. Here we’ll explore why liposuction might not be your best solution, and what TruSculpt™ has to offer you.

Does liposuction prevent cellulite?trusculpt

When you decide to have liposuction performed, you’ll find that your existing cellulite will become more predominate. Small compartments of fat are trapped, and then enlarge due to toxins, fluids, and other waste products that are still in the body. These fat compartments rise to the surface causing cellulite to occur. Liposuction can actually cause damage to your connective tissues, which is the thin film that wraps around those fat compartments. In turn, this makes the cellulite appear largerafter liposuction!

Alsowhen the body is worked to be contoured and smoothed with liposuction, it can be nearly impossible to get the look you want because of the way the suction works the fat out of your body. This can result in a lumpy appearance that is actually worse than before undergoing the procedure. Plus, there is a risk and long recovery time that comes with getting liposuction.

Is there a better alternative?

Don’t be caught thinking that surgery is the only answer. TruSculpt™ is a non-invasive procedure that helps to reduce the look of cellulite and removes inches off of the waist, hips, and other trouble spots on your body. This treatment is much more comfortable than many of the alternative that involve surgery or freezing the fat cells. It has the added benefit of having no down time after the treatments, so you are able to go back to your day without it being disrupted. This makes the treatments more confidential and easy to fit into your lifestyle.

The method is much more advanced and comfortable because it uses radio frequencies that heat the deep layers of fat. This causes the natural cell response to be triggered and eliminate the fat cells. You’ll see gradual results in four to six weeks, and most people only need three to six sessions about one month apart. There may be mild redness and possible tenderness that is easily treated with cooling gels.

Are you ready for TruSculpt™?

If you’re at a healthy weight or very close to it, but still have some stubborn cellulite and fat pockets on your body and have considered liposuction, it is time to think of a safer and more effective alternative. Talk to the professionals at Laser Skin & Wellness to see if you are a good candidate for TruSculpt™.

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