By: Karen Lederman

For some people, the decision to remove a tattoo can be a tough one because it holds sentimental value, and represents a fun or meaningful time in their lives. While others make the decision easily because the tattoo didn’t turn out the way they expected, they want a job that doesn’t allow visible ink on the body, or they regret having it done.

Whatever your reason, you may have some reservations about making that first appointment because you have heard a few myths. Here we debunk those myths, and help get you informed so you can make the right decision for you.

Myth 1: A cream or home remedy is as good as a laseryoung girl with shawl around her neck

While creams may fade the tattoo over time, it will not have the results that a laser can. The creams just don’t have the ability to penetrate deeply enough into the skin and reach the secondary layer where the tattoo ink is. A cream also does not have the ability to target just the ink. Often it will have a negative impact on the skin, because while it is eating away at the ink, it is also disrupting your skin in the same way. Home remedies such as using salt, is never a good idea. You should always talk to the professionals at Laser Skin & Wellness before trying a cream or home remedy.

Myth 2: Tattoo removal is not safe

This is simply not true. It’s important that you choose someone like the experienced technicians at Laser Skin & Wellness. They use the FDA approved Enlighten™ by Cutera that has one of the most advanced lasers available. Using a laser to remove a tattoo is not only the most effective method, but it is also a very safe treatment. The laser is designed to only target the colors, so just the tattoo is affected and not the skin that surrounds it.

Myth 3: You’ll be left with a huge scar

When going through treatments for laser tattoo removal, it is the secondary skin that is targeted because that is where the ink is located. The top layer of skin is where your color pigments are located, and these will stay in tact. Now, there are other methods that do have a high rate of scarring, but a laser will be the most effective and leave the skin unharmed.

Myth 4: A tattoo will last forever

There was a time when it was impossible to remove a tattoo, but with the technological advancements of our modern world, that is no longer the case. Not only can you remove a tattoo, you can use a safe and effective laser treatment that leaves your skin unharmed. These days it’s a little bit easier to get a tattoo without the regret because you don’t have to worry about them lasting forever.

If you’re still unsure if laser tattoo removal is for you, then call Laser Skin & Wellness today for your FREE consultation at 561-641-9490. We’ll answer any questions you have and guide you through the process. We look forward to hearing from you!