By: Karen Lederman 

Many jobs today involve sitting in front of computer for 8 hours a day or more. While this sedentary lifestyle may seem like the norm, it isn’t healthy for us. When we sit for long periods of time, our metabolism doesn’t have to work very hard and this can cause some major health issues for us in the future. It’s important that we do some light exercise for multiple hours throughout the day to stay in our peak condition. Here we’ll explore a few ways to incorporate some crucial movements throughout our day.happy, healthy woman

Stand up!

When you want to burn a few extra calories in your day, you need to stand up every now and then to work on your computer. While exercise balls and chairs have their place when you are working at a desk, in the end you are still sitting. Desks that you are able to move up and down to sitting and standing positions can be expensive, and often your office won’t foot the bill for these, so your next best option is to find a counter that is at standing length. Scope out your office building for potential working spaces that you can stand at and talk to your boss if you can occasionally use that area for working, and remind them that it is for your health.

Walk everywhere you can

If you can walk there – do it. Skip the elevator and take the stairs, park further away from the front door, and instead of sending an email to someone in your office, actually walk to their workstation. We’ve all heard these tips before, but it is time to take notice of all of the opportunities we have to walk somewhere. Even if you workout for an hour every evening after work, if you have been sitting at your desk for over eight hours, you’re not really going to reverse the effects of being sedentary.

Work with a nutritional counselor

A nutritional counselor can help get you on the right track if you work in an office and sit for hours a day at your desk. The experienced professionals at Laser Skin & Wellness can give you an individualized plan that fits into your work schedule. They can give you tips on how to fit more workouts into your day and the right foods to give you the energy you need. Plus, you’ll have the support to keep you motivated. The more you understand about fitness and nutrition, the better you’ll be able to combat the long workdays behind a desk. Trust us – your body will thank you!

If you have any questions about a nutritional counselor and you live in the Lake Worth and Palm Beach Gardens areas, then don’t hesitate to call the experienced professionals at Laser Skin & Wellness today. We’re here for you at 561-641-9490 and always look forward to hearing from you!