By: Karen Lederman

Remember the day you decided to get your first tattoo? It was an exciting feeling of rebellion with a touch of peer pressure and a little bit of “I told you I would do it,” to the authority figures in our lives. But, as we’ve gotten older and our lifestyles and hobbies have changes, we might be hit with a bit of regret. Maybe your wife doesn’t like the story of you running off to the beach with your ex-girlfriend to get matching tattoos, or the band on your left forearm broke up after everyone graduated college. Whatever reason you have for wanting to get that tattoo removed, you’ve got options. lady in scarf

Improved Lasers

Some people who want to remove tattoos have seen the results from certain lasers, and are still waiting for a more effective laser because they want the best results possible. Lasers in the past didn’t have the ability to work on all skin types, and weren’t as effective on some specific colors. Plus, they took so many treatments many people just didn’t want to take the time to go through the process of laser tattoo removal.

Well, the times have changed! Enlighten™ by CUTERA® has the ability to remove your tattoo no matter what your skin type. It can target all colors of ink. Black is the color that is most commonly regretted. Red and blue come next in line, and then you’ll see yellow and green associated with tattoo colors that people want removed. CUTERA’s Enlighten™ also has the capabilities to remove tattoos in a significantly less number of sessions than tattoo removal lasers in the past weren’t able to.

Because of the dual wavelength and dual pulse duration of Enlighten™ by CUTERA®, you’ll be able to see your tattoo completely removed. It has the technology to target the ink in the secondary layer of skin where the original tattoo ink is injected. The results will speak for themselves and you’ll finally be free of the tattoo that you got in the past.

No more hesitation

If you have tried other methods of removing your tattoo in the past such as creams and home remedies, you probably had little to no luck. If you’re serious about getting real results, it’s time to involve the professionals. CUTERA’s Enlighten™ is unlike other tattoo removal lasers in the industry. It powerfully targets the tattoo without disrupting the skin around it. When your sessions are complete, your skin will be back to the natural clear state it was before you decided to get ink.

Laser Skin & Wellness offers laser tattoo removal in both the Lake Worth and Palm Beach Gardens locations. Call for a complimentary consultation 561-641-9490. We always take the time to listen to any concerns you may have and answer any questions about the process. Let us help you remove that unwanted tattoo for good in the most safe and effective way. We always look forward to hearing from you!