By: Karen Lederman

It’s the perfect time of year for a detox diet. The holidays aren’t quite here yet and you still have the end of the year to make last January’s resolutions hold true. Every day our bodies are being attacked by toxins in the air we breathe, the foods we consume, and the waters we drink and swim in. Here are a few benefits you’ll get when you choose the detox diet offered at Laser Skin & Wellness. Detox Diet

#1: It will rid your body of toxins.

Even when you eat healthy, exercise, and stay aware of the pollutants you surround yourself with, there are still toxins that will reach you. Some commercial deodorant contain aluminum in them, many of the fish we eat have amounts of mercury, and some fruits and vegetables have traces of arsenic in them due to the soil they grow out of. These free radicals that we take in can build up in our lungs, around our heart, and cause cancer and other serious diseases. Going through a routine detox at different times throughout the year will benefit your health today, and in the future.

#2: It will help you lose weight and gain energy.

When our bodies are working to fight off the toxins that build up, we become tired and lethargic. Our energy levels are low and being on a diet or starting a workout routine can seem impossible. Removing the toxins will refresh our body, so it can get back to burning fat the way it is supposed to. You’ll be amazed at how great you feel and how motivated you become after a two-week detox. You’ll actually want to keep up with a healthy meal plan and exercise routine.

#3: It will improve the way you look.

If you have noticed your skin and hair becoming dull, it may be because your body isn’t getting what it needs to keep them healthy. The way your nails, hair, and skin look can drastically improve when you follow through with a detox plan. It’s a nice side effect that you’ll get enjoy along with the other benefits.

#4: It will improve your mentality.

When your body is bogged down with carcinogens, heavy metals, pollutants, and more, you feel it everywhere. Your head will hurt, your body will ache, and you won’t get the needed amount of sleep your body requires. When you start a detox diet, your body will start functioning the way it is meant to, and you’ll start to see improvements in sleeping patterns, aches, and more. In turn, your mood will improve and you’ll notice stress levels going down.

If you feel lethargic almost everyday, or just don’t have the drive that you once had, then it could be due to toxins in the body. But don’t think it is a hopeless situation.  Laser Skin & Wellness offers detox diet solutions at our locations in Lake Worth and Palm Beach Gardens. Our experienced staff and Registered Dietitian will guide you through the process to feeling like yourself again.