BY: Karen Lederman

When you have spider veins, you can feel self-conscience about showing your legs and trouble spots. It’s not uncommon to change the way you dress to avoid exposing these areas. If this is how you feel, then it might just be time to give yourself a little Christmas present. Removal of these veins with a laser is safe and practically painless. Once you make that first appointment, it won’t be long before you see results. Here’s what to expect when you decide it’s time remove those spider veins from your life. Slim long sexy woman legs

The Process

First, you’ll want to call Laser Skin & Wellness at 561-641-9490 for a free consultation. We’ll go through the process with you in detail and answer any questions you may have. The amount of treatments necessary will depend on your particular spider veins and the size and complexity of them. In general, it takes just a few treatments spaced around seven weeks apart.

During the treatment, a laser will be used to target the spider vein while leaving the skin surrounding it unharmed. This is a proven and effective method of removing spider veins. Once the laser warms the vein until it collapses, the body will naturally remove the blood vessel.

You may experience some swelling and pinking, but this won’t last very long. Some are left with bruises and pigment changes in the skin, but both of these will return to normal after a recovery period. However, once the treatment is over, you don’t have to worry about downtime, you can go right back to your day.

The Benefits

Once you’ve completed the process of laser vein removal, you’ll love the look of the areas that you once covered up because of spider veins. Having healthy and beautiful looking skin doesn’t have to be a dream. The advancements in technology make laser vein removal a precise and effective treatment. While this treatment has been used for years, it has only improved with time.

You’ll have more confidence in the clothes you wear and the way you feel in your skin. Not everyone understands what it’s like to suffer from those small varicose veins, but those of us that do, know how thrilling it is to have them removed and what a boost in self-confidence it can give.

You’ll reduce the signs of aging and stress. Spider veins are often the result of a previous weight gain, sitting or standing for prolonged periods of time, a genetic disposition, and really just common wear and tear that everyday life puts on our body. When you’re reducing the signs of aging and stress on the rest of your body, don’t forget to include those veins that are typically found in the legs.

The complimentary consultation

Give yourself a Christmas present this year of healthier and younger looking skin. Come visit us at our locations in Lake Worth and Palm Beach Gardens, or call today 561-641-9490. We look forward to seeing you this season!