BY: Karen Lederman

When we look at pictures of past holiday memories, we often see ourselves surrounded by friends and family. But when you take a closer look at those images, you’ll see the cookie tray in the background, that (third) glass of wine in our hand, and a group of people at a table that is covered with rich appetizers and heavy casseroles. When you’ve worked hard to keep that weight off, don’t let the holidays set you back. Here’s how to enjoy those events, without putting on extra pounds. Beautiful body

Keep a food journal that includes portions

Don’t deprive yourself of you grandmother’s homemade fudge. After all, she only makes it once a year! However, by keeping a food journal and writing down the portion size of what you’ve consumed, you’ll have more control over what you’re eating. That way when you’re tempted to go in for a second, third, and dare-we-say a fourth serving of your favorite dishes, you’ll have to answer to the journal.

Don’t forget to write down what and how much you’re drinking

Drinking punch, wine, eggnog, and hot chocolate isn’t going to fill us up like food will, which makes it harder to judge just how many high calorie drinks we’ve consumed. Be sure you add what and how much you’re drinking to your journal, and try to make lighter choices like spritzers. Also, drink plenty of water when you go out to help keep you feeling full and hydrated.

Add a few extra workouts into your week

By adding more squats, lunges, and a couple extra minutes to your daily walk, you’ll burn a few more calories each day and raise your metabolism. Plus, you’ll have extra energy to make it to those required events that might not be at the top of your list, like a company dinner or shopping with in-laws.

Make an appointment with a nutritional counselor

Be proactive and make an appointment with a nutritional counselor at Laser Skin & Wellness. They can help you stay motivated and guide you towards smart choices when eating at restaurants and parties. Of all people, they understand how important it is that you stay on track.

Have a healthy snack or small meal before you leave the house

Don’t leave for holiday events hungry! Make sure you fill up a little at home on healthy choices before going out. This will give you a clear mind when choosing foods because you wont’ be trying to satisfy hunger or low blood sugar, but will be selecting foods based on nutritional value.

Have a reward ready

We all know that rewarding ourselves for maintaining weight loss with food is a bad idea. However, you should have a plan to celebrate a job well done. Laser Skin & Wellness has a lot of services that will enhance all of your hard work and make you feel wonderful about the effort you’ve put in. Visit us at our locations in Lake Worth and Palm Beach Gardens, or call 561-641-9490 to schedule your free consultation and let us help you reward yourself today!