BY: Karen Lederman

Losing weight is the number one resolution made every year, and not surprisingly, it’s broken by more than sixty percent of people who make it. We all have our own methods when trying to drop a few pounds, but when they haven’t worked out for us, it’s time to take a new direction. Here are a few tips to help you stick to your New Year’s resolution this year.  Happy Young Woman Jumping Over Blue Sky

Have a plan

Some people are great at waking up one morning and immediately starting their new resolutions. If that works for you, that’s great. As for the rest of us, we have to make a plan. If you always break your diet because of cookies, then the planning period is when you get rid of all those foods that can cause you to get off track. If you share a kitchen and meals with your family, you need to have a cabinet that is dedicated to your healthy choices, and you need to schedule time for working out that you won’t be disturbed.

Tell a friend

When you’re just getting started with a diet, it can be easy to want to keep it a secret. However, when you tell your friends, or better yet, work together in your weight loss endeavors, you’ll have a much better chance of success. You don’t have to tell every person you meet in every conversation, but having one or two people to talk to when it gets tough can make a huge difference in how you perform each day.

Keep a journal

Whether you write down all of the food you eat throughout the day, or you just write down what you’re feeling as you go through the process, keeping a journal will help you stay organized in your thoughts. Sometimes we fail at diets because we keep everything bottled up inside. Even when it’s hard to document the bad days, keep at it. When you look at your journal, you’ll be able to see the moments when you were successful, and when you weren’t. You can use this information to help you overcome obstacles in the future. After all, people who yo-yo diet often make the same mistakes over and over.

Hire a professional

Many people have tried to lose weight on their own, and some have spent a great deal of money on programs and equipment that doesn’t work out for them. Laser Skin & Wellness has a nutrition counselor to guide you on your weight loss journey. They know that an out-of-the-box program isn’t going to work for everyone. Our weight loss goals are individual and should be treated as such. 

Enlisting a professional gives your dieting venture a serious tone that can be lost with friends at times who can support you, but not give you the expert advice to get you back on track. Contact Laser Skin & Wellness today at 561-641-9490, and we’ll help you start with the planning period. By January, you’ll be ready to lose weight with confidence.