By:Karen Lederman

A pimple from time to time is one thing, but when the blemishes and zits occur frequently, then you have the potential to develop acne. For most of us that suffer from acne, it can be more than an annoyance. It can distract from our self-confidence and cause insecurities about the health of our skin. Severe cases may result in scarring and even cause pain to the infected areas. Here we’ll look at what causes acne and the methods to prevent it. Adult woman with beautiful face

What causes acne?

In simple terms, a pimple occurs when dead skin cells, oils, and other obstacles clog the pores. When these particles get trapped in the pore, bacteria develops, and a zit forms. However, even if you keep your face on a regular cleaning routine, there are still many elements you need to factor in to prevent acne. And don’t forget, acne is not just subject to the face and neck. It can happen all over the body. Here are a few things that cause acne and a few ways to prevent it.


When a person goes through hormonal changes, their face will produce more oil that contributes to zits forming. Some of us will only experience this one time in our lives such as pregnancy while others will have multiple hormonal changes and never see the acne completely subside.


Stress can cause your hormones to act out and change. If you want to prevent acne, have a plan to combat those pressures that happen in daily life. Fitting twenty minutes of exercise or meditation in your day is a great way to beat stress.


While there are some myths as to whether certain foods such as chocolate result in acne, it’s best to be mindful of what you eat and your lifestyle when preventing blemishes. Getting greasy or oiling foods on your skin will work against it. Also, be sure you change pillowcases out on a regular basis, keep your cell phone clean, and keep hand sanitizer on you to ensure that your face is always touching and being handled by a clean surface.


To help prevent and treat acne, you can get a chemical peel that works to remove the dead skin cell build up. It gets the pimples under control and refreshes your skin. When the acne has caused damage and scarring to the skin, treatments such as MD Duality will help heal the troubled spots. When used properly and consistently, you’ll love the results you see in the mirror.

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