Even though we aren’t in the throws of summer just yet, it’s the perfect time to get your body ready for it. The hot summer months can be unforgiving on the body and skin, and it’s important to be proactive with your beauty routine to ensure you look fantastic. Here are a few simple tips you can use to amp up your look and make the most out of your summer.

Invest in a professional detoxNatural beauty woman portrait

If you are feeling sluggish or just can’t seem to ditch those last few pounds, talk to the experts at Laser Skin & Wellness about a detox diet. Using a specially designed diet that assists your body in flushing out toxins can help improve your weight, the glow of your skin, and enhance your overall wellbeing.

Incorporate a few fresh wardrobe pieces

When adding new summer clothes and shoes to your wardrobe, be sure you choose pieces that you’re comfortable wearing and that are diverse enough you can use them in multiple ways. A few plain colored tank tops that are both light and dark paired with some funky pineapple print shorts or a vibrant floral print skirt will look fantastic.

Plump your lashes and add a touch of blue

You can invest a little time in methods such as LATISSE® to help you grow natural lashes that are lush and dark, or you can enhance the look with makeup. Be sure if you choose makeup to plump up your lashes, you pick products that are smudge and waterproof. And go ahead and add some touches of blue in your eye shadow or liner to lighten up your look.

Get a faux tan

Getting a little color on your skin, even if it isn’t from being sunkissed, is going to put you in the summer spirit and add a little shimmer to your look. Of course, be sure that you’re always wearing sunscreen, even when it’s overcast out to protect against cancer, as well as premature aging of the skin.

Make time for your feet

If you’ve spent time on the rest of your body, don’t forget to make time for your feet. When you go to put on that first pair of backless or open-toed shoes, you want to be ready. And you can’t just do this one time in the spring and expect it to last. Your feet will be more exposed in the summer and will need a little extra TLC compared to the winter.

If you want more solutions to help you amp up your summer look, then don’t hesitate to ask the team at Laser Skin & Wellness what we can do for you! We’ve got plenty of summer time treatments that will enhance your skin and mood. Call us today and schedule a free consultation at 561-641-9490, or come by our locations at Lake Worth and Palm Beach Gardens.