Over the years, many of us go to great lengths to care for our facial skin to keep it healthy and firm. However, we soon discover that our neck is showing the signs of aging because we have neglected to give it the same attention as our face. Plus, the skin around the neck is going to be different than other areas of our body. It will be more sensitive and thin, and some methods of pampering will be too harsh for it. Here are a few ways to finally give your neck the love it deserves and boost the look of your skin.

Titan™ Adult woman with beautiful face

Titan™ neck treatments promote new collagen in a non-surgical and efficient manner using light energy. It lessens the appearance of folds and lines and gives a more youthful and smooth look to the skin around your neck. Each person will differ in how long it takes for the new collagen to form and the skin to tighten. Some see it right away while other will notice the improvements over a few months.


If you’ve ever been interested in getting cream for your neck, then you’re in luck because there are many options available. But, because the skin around the neck is so sensitive, it can be overwhelming filtering through the ingredients in the different lotions to find one that is effective and won’t irritate you. To ensure you’re getting the right creams and lotions for the delicate skin around your neck, talk to the pros at Laser Skin & Wellness to help guide you. And remember, if you’re only interested in applying the cream once a day to your neck, make sure it has an SPF!


Not only can bad posture hinder your exercise goals, but it can also shorten the neck and cause the skin around it to fold more aggressively. You can start today by being mindful of your posture and work to keep your shoulders back and your head up. In our modern world, there are more people slouching than ever before because they are leaning over a phone or computer at work. There are exercises you can do from lying on a hard surface and stretching to buying office furniture that is focused on ergonomics.


Cardio is an excellent way to give your skin a boost from your head to your toes and with just a good sweat, two to three times a week, you’ll see the appearance of your neck start to improve. And, you can always treat yourself to a massage and a visit to the sauna to help with the strain of busy days when you don’t feel like hitting the gym.

At Laser Skin & Wellness, we have solutions that will enhance your efforts at home when you want that youthful look to your neck back. Give us a call at 561-641-9490 or stop by our locations in Lake Worth and Palm Beach Gardens. Your complimentary consultation is waiting for you!