Our lives tend to be busier now than ever before, but that doesn’t mean you need to cut corners when it comes to your looks and how confident you feel. Saving time on your beauty routine in the summer is essential for getting out of the door faster and enjoying your day in the sun. Here are a few summer time-saving tips that will make this your most gorgeous season yet.

#1: Laser hair removalmature beautiful woman

If you take the time to remove unwanted hair every morning or evening with a razor, then you should check out laser hair removal. You’ll be able to leave at a moments notice and not have to worry about missing spots or to leave an unsightly cut by your ankles. Take the fuss out of your daily routine and get rid of hair on your legs, back, face, and beyond for good.

#2: Remove clutter on your counter

Pay attention to your bathroom counter and start taking inventory on what you really use throughout the week and what is just sitting there collecting dust. You’ll be surprised how much space and time you can save when you only have the necessities ready for you each morning.

You can also find smaller containers for items like cotton balls and swabs so that you don’t continually have to go to a larger cabinet for those items or leave the entire box on the counter. Shot or champagne glasses are great for Q-tips, and mason jars or old candle containers with lids are perfect for cotton balls.

#3: Give your hair a summer cut

If you find that you continually struggle with your hair in the summer, then check out a few summer styles that are a bit shorter and easier to manage. If you love long locks, then test out some flowing summer hats that are both fashionable, fun to wear, and can give you a little sun coverage.

#4:Use products that serve many purposes

If you wake up every day and have a ten-step process for your daily facial routine, then it’s time to cut a few steps out. Make sure that your moisturizer already has an SPF and cut out any unnecessary practices that you always put off until the morning, but could do at night.

#5: Use downtime wisely

When you’re sitting at home watching a favorite TV marathon, go ahead and have a spa night. You’ll be amazed how quickly a manicure, pedicure, and facial will go by, and in the morning, you can skip those beauty tasks and get out the door a little faster.

Don’t waste any more time this summer on your beauty routine. Give the pros at Laser Skin & Wellness a call at 561-641-9490 or come by and visit us in Lake Worth or Palm Beach Gardens. We can’t wait to get the summer started out right and with more time on our hands to enjoy the fun parts!