Ridding our body of stubborn fat is no easy feat, and the older we get, the harder it becomes. But that doesn’t change our determination to get the job done and get our bodies looking fantastically smooth. We just realize that we have to be smarter with our efforts and pay more attention to those trouble spots. In some cases, this means we need to bring in the experts to help. Here are a few ways to get rid of that extra fat that just won’t seem to go away.

DietFit lady in white shorts and hand on her belly

Even if you maintain a healthy diet, you can still have those extra pockets of fat in places such the love handles and thighs. If this sounds like you, then it’s time to enlist the help of a professional Nutritional Educator. This opens up the dialogue about your goals and what you can realistically reach and what might be beyond your abilities.

An essential aspect when getting rid of those troublesome pockets of fat is eating the right foods, You know, the ones that aren’t loaded with sugars and carbs. However, the best foods for you aren’t always the most obvious. By getting involved with an expert, you’ll get to real scoop on what to eat and what to avoid.


Not all exercises are created equal when it comes to contouring your body. You can see this when you observe the bodies of people who focus on one particular activity for a long period of time. An individual who does yoga will have a different look than someone who lifts weights. Talk to the experts about your best options when you want to target the most stubborn spots on your body.


Even with diet and exercise, you might find that you still haven’t reached your goal. And if you’ve looked into other alternatives, you might not like how invasive the procedures are that will give you the results you want. However, there is one non-invasive solution called Trusculpt™ that will help you lose those last few inches around your thighs and stomach, as well as reduce the look of cellulite.

It’s especially beneficial to those that are close to their goal weight, and you won’t have any downtime after the treatments. Results are gradual and provide a natural look so your body stays beautiful and you stay comfortable.

If you want to find out if you’re a good candidate for Trusculpt™ and are ready to start a diet that will give you the best results, get in touch with the professionals at Laser Skin & Wellness today by calling 561-641-9490. We’re conveniently located in Lake Worth and Palm Beach Gardens and offer complimentary consultations. We know that the summer months can make you look more closely at your body than other times of the year, and we’re here to help you gain confidence by showing you how to get rid of stubborn fat.