Urinary incontinence is something that many of us don’t have an open dialogue about because it can lead to embarrassing situations, and you may feel that you’re out of control. However, you shouldn’t feel alone because millions of Americans suffer from this involuntary form of urinary leaks, and the majority of those are women.

Some of the main times this occurs are after childbirth and menopause, but one in four women past the age of 18 will suffer from bladder control problems. If you’re searching for a female urinary incontinence treatment, here are a few methods to help improve and manage the symptoms.

#1: Invest in a minimally invasive treatmentslim and fit woman in white shorts with her hand on abdominal

Juliet is a feminine laser that gets quick and painless results, and all of our appointments are entirely confidential. This effective treatment for urinary incontinence works to restore the connective tissue and the mucosa that allows your natural PH to be restored. The entire procedure will be virtually painless and often takes less than fifteen minutes. You’ll enjoy benefits such as more control over urinary leakage, improved vaginal dryness, fewer itching sensations, and less or no pain during intercourse. And these are just a few of the advantages that come with this vaginal rejuvenation treatment.

#2: Individualize your diet and exercise routine

Being at a healthy weight will help you manage urinary incontinence. However, you’ll want to focus on an individualized exercise plan that improves the muscles that help you to stop urinating. Also, your diet should incorporate plenty of water and avoid liquids like soda, alcohol, citrus juices, and caffeinated beverages. While you do want to stay hydrated, you’ll want to be mindful when you drink to prevent leaking from occurring. The fuller your bladder is, the more likely you’ll feel the urge to go.

If you’re looking for a urinary incontinence treatment for elderly women, you’ll find that diet and exercise changes will often be paired with a secondary treatment such as a feminine laser such as Juliet. In fact, women of all ages may see positive results when they find complimentary treatments for bladder control issues beyond a healthy lifestyle.

#3: Pay attention to your bathroom schedule

You can train your bladder to work with your bathroom schedule if you know what it is. You can start by keeping a journal and post the times that you urgently have to run to the bathroom or end up leaking. If you tend to go every three and a half hours, then set a timer and go to a bathroom every three hours instead of waiting for the urge to strike.

#4: Use your complimentary consultation

If you have any questions about new treatments for incontinence and want to learn more about ways to manage it, contact the professionals at Laser Skin & Wellness. We respect your confidentiality and health and are here for you every step the way. Simply contact us at 561-641-9490, or visit our locations at Lake Worth and Palm Beach Garden. Don’t just sit on that free consultation – use it today to see the difference we can make!