The way your skin looks can reflect the confidence you have when you walk into a room. When you aren’t happy with your appearance, then you may find yourself timid and avoiding social activities like parties and first dates. In fact, you might even change your wardrobe and makeup to cover up those troubles spots. However, there is a better way. Dermapen results improve your skin, and the treatment requires little to no downtime.

#1: Skin rejuvenation Adult lady with beautiful clear skin

Micro-needling techniques have been proven to tighten skin and lift it so that you can enjoy a more youthful look. The Dermapen cost will vary depending on the areas that you want to target, and you can speak with an expert at Laser Skin & Wellness about your goals and how many treatments will be right for you.

#2: Reduces the look of stretch marks and scars

Stretch marks and scars can be an annoyance, and they can pop up after weight gain, pregnancy, and other changes that your body has gone through. Because the treatment promotes the growth of collagen and elastin, your body will naturally heal and return the skin back to a younger-looking state.

#3: Provides pore minimization

If you suffer from oversized pores, then you’ve probably tried different creams and techniques to minimize the size of them. And in the end, you may have even spent more money than the Dermapen price would be. You can begin with a light treatment the first time, and then as you see the Dermapen results, you can decide with the help of an expert how often you should return for another treatment. Some people find coming once every two years is plenty, while other prefer to get the treatment every year.

#4: Reduces deep wrinkles and fine lines

When you have deep wrinkles that can form in places like the forehead and around the mouth, it can be distracting and a trouble spot that you’re continually working to improve. Dermapen treatments are an ideal way to target and reduce the looks of these areas, and keep them looking fantastic for a long time.

#5: Clears up melasma and hyperpigmentation

Many people think that they just have to deal with hyperpigmentation and melasma, but when you bring in the experts, you’ll discover that these areas can be corrected and cleared up. Ask the experts to see before and after images if you want to get a better idea of what to expect from Dermapen results and the lasting effect they have.

If you’re ready to learn more about Dermapen results, then contact us today for a free consultation! We’ll guide you through the process and answer any questions that you have. The professionals at Laser Skin & Wellness have experience with the Dermapen treatment and always put your health and happiness first. Reach out by calling 561-641-9490, fill out the contact form online, or come by our offices in Lake Worth and Palm Beach Gardens. We look forward to hearing from you!