Weight loss success begins by choosing a program that meets the needs of your lifestyle and motivates you with real results. If you’ve been doing a little research about the best methods for weight loss, you’ll quickly discover there is a plethora of information available, and it can be overwhelming. However, here we have a few solutions for you, as well as the professional guidance that will make each program for losing weight a positive experience.

Detox Diet

A detox diet is an excellent way to remove the toxins from your body, so you gain more energy, improve circulation and digestion, and even improve stress levels. So many people don’t realize that they are exposed to harmful toxins throughout the day from the air quality in a city to the food that is contaminated such as fish from mercury filled waters. Plus, with a detox diet, your skin will thank you because it will look younger and feel smoother!

Very Low Calorie Diet

The VLCD is an excellent option for those that have a significant amount of weight to lose and want to see fast results. The very low-calorie diet can help you lose up to a pound a day, and when paired with this treatment, you’ll discover that fat, not muscles, will be targeted and shed. You’ll also find that this diet will help you control your appetite and you won’t have the cravings that you do when trying to go on a crash diet. This weight loss plan has been around for decades and has proven itself to individuals time and again.


Just like many of the other options on this list, Optifast has been around for decades and provides you with a solution for fast weight loss so that you can achieve your optimal health. The meal replacement program will help you control cholesterol, blood pressure, and other adverse effects that happen when you carry excess pounds. You’ll have access to meal replacements like shakes and soups and will soon discover that quick weight loss can be a reality.

Nutrition Counseling

Whether you want to start a weight loss program like the ones listed above and then have the tools to maintain the number on the scale, or you want to find out more about customized programs that you can use at home, invest the time in speaking with a nutrition counseling. We’ll be able to guide you towards the best solution for you by listening to your weight loss goals and lifestyle and then tailoring a plan specifically for you.

Free Consultation

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