What Your Next Steps Should Be After Weight Loss

Losing a significant amount of weight takes dedication, motivation, and A LOT of self-discipline, and it can feel like a dream come true when you finally reach your goals. But you shouldn’t stop there! Once you have achieved what you set out to, you will need to move forward in a new way and with new goals. At Laser Skin & Wellness, we have locations in West Palm Beach and the surrounding areas that provide medical spa treatments designed to enhance your weight loss experience, and here are a few steps that you can take to get started after successfully reaching that happy number on the scale.

Have a maintenance planA beautiful slim girl at beach

Whether you have been taking advantage of the HCG diet under the supervision of a professional or you have been following a weight loss plan at home, once you have shed the extra pounds, you need to have a maintenance plan. Our nutrition specialists can guide you during this time if you want expert advice.

Make sure you write down new goals and have an outlet that will keep you inspired, so you don’t fall into your old routine. Set a realistic goal that will take time to reach, such as running a 5K or perfecting complicated healthy recipes, so that you can measure your progress and celebrate small successes.

Plan a future detox

Remember that detox diets are not all about losing weight, but about gaining more energy and ridding your body of toxins that can muddle it down and leave you feeling lethargic. Pick a specific time each year that you take advantage of a detox diet, and it will help you press a reset button on your health. Many people choose to do this after the holidays, but the key to a successful detox is to make sure you plan ahead so that events such as weddings and work functions don’t get in the way.

Consider body contouring procedures

After significant weight loss, you may be left with extra skin in areas that didn’t pull in the way you hoped. With laser body contouring, you will be able to improve these trouble spots and gain the confidence to wear bathing suits and clothing that complements your body type and doesn’t hide it. The laser body contouring cost is affordable, and the results are lasting.

Enjoy a beauty treatment

There is nothing like giving yourself a little reward for a job well done, and there are numerous beauty treatments that will enhance the new you. From dermal fillers to laser hair removal, you can decide which ones make the most sense for your goals and lifestyle.

Schedule a free consultation

If you want to learn more about the body contouring after weight loss cost in West Palm Beach and the surrounding areas in Florida, call our friendly customer service to schedule a FREE consultation. You can reach us at 561-641-9490 or fill out our contact form online, and we will be quick to get back to you.

Simple Solutions for Painful Intercourse After Menopause

Menopause is a challenging time in a woman’s life, and it is one that you do not have to go through alone. Nor do you have to just put up with the symptoms that come during this time because the experts at Laser Skin & Wellness have solutions that will help ease the aches and pains. While it may seem that there is no simple solution for painful intercourse after menopause, you will be happy to know that there are a few things that you can do today to begin relieving the symptoms.

Learn more about feminine lasersHappy Lovable middle aged couple

If you have intercourse pain after menopause and you think there is no hope, think again! There have been so many advancements when it comes to laser treatments, and one of those is feminine laserssuch as Juliet. Juliet is designed to be non-invasive and painless, and will correct the tissues and moisture levels that have collapsed and dried so that intercourse will feel like it did when you were younger. The treatment is convenient, safe, and has helped countless women.

Find the right lubricant

Take the time to find the right lubricant that will add moisture back to your vaginal area, and try to use water or silicone-based lubricants to ensure you don’t add more irritation. Just be mindful that lubes won’t always resolve this issue, and it really depends on whether the dryness is moderate or more serious.

Stop skipping four-play

There truly is something to the saying that if you don’t use it – you lose it. And when it comes to intercourse, this can also be true. Try not to avoid four-play or look at intercourse as a choir, even if you intercourse pain after menopause. Take your time and plan a fun date night to help you relax, and if it isn’t working with a partner, you can pleasure yourself to see if you can get your moisture levels up.

Start doing the right exercises

There are some vaginal exercises that you can do that will help you produce more moisture and even tighten up the vagina. Kegels are designed to strengthen your pelvic muscles and will help with many of the symptoms of menopause from incontinence to sexual satisfaction. Kegels are excellent whether you have taken advantage of a feminine laser or you are just trying to stay proactive before menopause begins.

Get a FREE consultation

One of the easiest ways to find the best solutions for intercourse pain after menopause is to schedule a FREE consultation and speak with a specialist about your goals. The professionals at Laser Skin & Wellness offer services and guidance on the ways to combat painful intercourse after menopause as well as improve your wellness and beauty. Call today to schedule your consultation at 561-641-9490 or fill out the contact form online and we’ll respond promptly. You can also visit our convenient locations in Palm Beach Gardens and the surrounding areas.

Tips and Tricks to Target Love Handles

When it comes to losing weight and getting fit, one of the trickiest spots on the body to smooth out is going to be love handles. While the name may suggest that people enjoy these extra pockets of fat around the hips, the truth is that most of us are targeting love handles, but with little to no luck. Love handles are one the trickiest spots to lose weight, and you have to be strategic when you are targeting this place. Here we look at a few tips and tricks to help you get rid of love handles fast.

Exercise with purpose

When you are targeting love handles, you will need to workout with purpose because walking on the treadmill isn’t going to be enough to get the job done. While doing cardio will help you burn calories, it won’t be effective alone when it comes to slimming down the hips. You will need to incorporate specific exercises like side plank hip lifts and wood choppers to ensure you are working the right muscles and burning off the fat.

Choose a weight loss planBefore and after a diet, girl on a bathroom scale smiling

When you have a high percentage of body fat, you will notice your love handles get in the way more when you are wearing your favorite jeans or bathing suit, and a weight loss plan such as the HCG diet is an excellent way to drop pounds and get rid of love handles quickly. Very low-calorie diets will need to be done under the supervision of a professional to ensure you are a good candidate and that a healthy plan is designed for you. Plus, it will help you stay motivated as you shed excess pounds around the hips.

Consider a professional treatment

If you want to get rid of love handles fast, then you should call Laser Skin & Wellness and learn about treatments that can contour the body. Because this trouble spot is so stubborn, even with a weight loss plan and exercise, they can stick around. It can get even harder as we get older to smooth out the hips, and body contouring treatments will be the ideal way to get lasting results.

Find ways to de-stress

Stress can cause our bodies to lose energy and can change the way we eat, so if you are targeting love handles, you will want to find ways to de-stress. Usually, even a few minutes of deep breathing or meditating can make you feel better and help you get through the day calmer and more relaxed.

Get a FREE consultation

If you want to learn more tips and tricks about how to get rid of love handles fast, you can schedule a free consultation at Laser Skin & Wellness. We have convenient locations in Lake Worth, Palm Beach Gardens, and the surrounding areas, and you can fill out the contact form online or call 561-641-9490. We will be more than happy to answer any questions you have about our treatments for weight loss and body contouring, and we always make your health a priority.

Trouble Losing Weight After 40? Try These Tips!

As you reach middle age and beyond, you will find those extra pounds that have crept on over the years just get more and more stubborn. Many women and men have trouble losing weight after 40 as the metabolism slows down and lifestyles become more sedentary, and we all know combating this is easier said than done. However, with a few simple tips and involving the experts at Laser Skin & Wellness, you will find that your goals are achievable, even if you have trouble losing weight after 40.

Jumpstart with a detox dietMiddle age woman smiling and posing in park

Sometimes the most difficult part of losing weight (at any age) is getting started. A detox diet is an excellent way to drop those first few pounds and gain more energy from the get-go. Cleansing your body is not only good for your health, but it will also help you stay motivated as you move into the next stages of losing weight.

Speak to a nutrition expert

Speaking with an expert about losing weight and a nutritional plan will be a smart move if you have trouble losing weight after 40. While dieting and exercising may seem simple, when you start digging in and doing research, you will find that it can get complicated and overwhelming. Having an expert on your side that individualizes a plan for where you are in your health will put the odds in your favor when stepping on the scale.

Focus on health versus calorie counting

While it may seem natural to count calories when you are trying to lose weight, what you really need to be doing is focusing on the health aspects of your diet. Think of food as fuel rather than continually reducing calories or eating empty ones that leave you unsatisfied.

Learn the tricks to cooking light

It doesn’t matter what level of cooking skills you have, if you have trouble losing weight after 40, you will need to learn the tricks to cooking light. Do research about healthier alternatives for your favorite dishes. Include substitutions such as lean ground turkey rather than ground beef for spaghetti or olive oil in the place of butter.

Choose beverages wisely

Beverages can get us into big trouble when it comes to losing weight when we hit middle age because the number of calories that are taken in can be deceiving. The goal is to stick to water and tea that is naturally sweetened with ingredients like honey versus added artificial sweeteners and high fructose corn syrup. And if you enjoy an adult beverage or two in the evening, you may want to take a few nights off because not only does this add unwanted calories, but it can lower your inhibitions to make healthy choices for dinner.

If you’re having trouble losing weight after 40 and you live in West Palm Beach and the surrounding areas, call Laser Skin & Wellness at 561-641-9490 for a FREE consultation. Our experts will guide you towards successful ways to lose weight and keep it off, as well as provide other beauty and wellness services.

Top 5 Reasons to Get Laser Hair Removal

As the summer months continue, you may find that you are continually scheduling appointments to get your legs and bikini line waxed or running home to quickly shave for that evening out or day at the beach. If you are ready for a more permanent solution for getting rid of unwanted hair whether you are a man that has back hair or a woman that wants a solution for under arm hair, then now is the perfect time to consider West Palm Beach laser hair removal.

Laser Skin & Wellness has many convenient locations in Florida, and our services are designed to make your life easier and take your beauty and well-being to the next level. Here we look at the top 5 reasons that men and women get laser hair removal and how you can get started today.

#1: To save timeBikini girl wearing sun hat at beach

When you can forgo shaving your legs, armpits, and bikini area every day, you will be able to get ready faster, and you won’t have to worry about those small cuts around your ankles that can happen when you’re in a rush.

#2: For outstanding results

There is nothing like being on a first date or out with friends at the beach, and noticing that you missed a spot. Laser hair removal Palm Beach residents can rely on is a service that Laser Skin & Wellness has been providing for years. The lasers and the specialists that operate them are precise and will leave you with outstanding results that are thorough and accurate.

#3: To clear space in your bathroom

When you want to declutter your bathroom countertops and drawers, you’ll find that one solution will be laser hair removal. West Palm Beach and the surrounding areas have access to our laser treatments, and we know that when you remove unwanted hair with this method, you won’t need to have your razors and creams for shaving laying around.

#4: To keep money in your pocket

While the upfront costs of Palm Beach laser hair removal will be more than shaving supplies once, over time, you will start to notice that you don’t have to buy as many creams, waxes, razors, and everything in between. Taking these off of your list to the store will start to show on your banking statements, and you can use that money for other things like treating yourself to another upkeep or beauty service.

#5: Because the consultation is free

When it’s time to learn more about laser hair removal, West Palm Beach residents and those in the surrounding areas have trusted the experts at Laser Skin & Wellness since 1999. The consultation is free, and this is where we will answer your questions and find out if you are a good candidate for the treatments you are inquiring about. All you have to do is call 561-641-9490 or fill out the quick contact form online, and we will set up a time that fits into your schedule.

BOTOX®: Is It Right for You?

There are many benefits that men and women can enjoy when investing the time and money in Botox®. West Palm Beach residents and those in the surrounding areas have relieved migraines, improved fine lines around their eyes, mouth, and forehead, and have increased their beauty confidence. However, while the results have proven the value of these injections over the many years since being FDA approved, there are still some people that are on the fence about whether Botox® is the right choice. To help get you started, here we provide you with a few questions to ask yourself.

Do you want to smooth out wrinkles?Girl with skin problem

While there will be a lot of solutions provided by the specialists at Laser Skin & Wellness when it comes to smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles, the first question you must ask yourself is if this is a goal of yours. If it is, then Botox® will be a viable option that should be considered.

Do you want a long-term solution?

Botox® will gradually appear over the course of a few weeks, and then it will last for three to four months. You can get routine maintenance throughout the year, or you can choose the times that you want the youthful look whether it is over the summer, over the holidays, or a different period of time.

Do you want quick and discreet sessions?

Some people will decide to get surgery or treatments that will have much longer recovery times and be more invasive, and of course, this will be your decision. However, if you want quick sessions that are discreet and require little no downtime when the appointment is finished, then you should learn more about Botox®. Palm Beach men and women, as well as those that visit our other locations, can almost always resume their activities as soon as they leave our office whether they are going back to work, running errands, or going out for dinner with the family.

Have you selected experienced injectors?

Choosing an experienced injector should be a top priority because Botox® is extremely effective for giving you a more youthful appearance, but when not done correctly, it can leave you with results that you are not happy with. While you will want to be realistic with results, you will only achieve the look you want when the injector is extensively trained in working with this wrinkle treatment and when they have performed hundreds of sessions.

Have you scheduled a free consultation?

If you want to learn if the treatments are right for you when it comes to Botox, Palm Beach residents and those in the surrounding areas can begin with a FREE consultation at Laser Skin & Wellness. Here we will review the process and what you can expect from the results. We will also review the cost of Botox and the areas that you want to target. Our experienced injectors will make your health a priority and make sure that you are good candidate. If you are ready to learn more, then take the time to fill out the quick contact form online or call (561) 641-9490. We look forward to enhancing your beauty and wellness!