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Ross – 120 lbs. Weight Loss


Hi my name is Ross Gardner. On February 20th, 2005 I weighed 360 lbs. I worked in the Food Industry based in Ohio. I played Hockey in college and had a very active lifestyle. After college I did not continue my active lifestyle and continued to eat as if I were active. This combination of a lot of food and alcohol and no exercise caught up with me very quickly. In four years I gained 160 lbs…Wow. Being in the Restaurant Industry I was on my feet for an excess of 12 hours a day. In Early January 2005 I began to get very depressed and things that mattered in the past were no longer important. My Aunt and Uncle were enrolled at [Laser Skin & Wellness] Centers. They both only needed to lose a minimal amount of weight and were very successful. My family encouraged me to take a medical leave and join the program. This would prove to be the best decision I have ever made.

I arrived in Florida March 2, 2005 and immediately started the program. The team of Dr. H, Pascal, Penny, Sandy, and Robin are invaluable. When I started the program My cholesterol was over 250 total. I started off with light workouts with Pascal, meal planning by Sandy and great sessions with Robin the Behaviorist. The importance of Robin cannot be told in a few pages of writing. I needed to figure out why I got to be as big as I got. It was not because I liked to eat and not exercise. We did get to the root of the problem and I have now lost over 120 lbs in a little over five months. Pascal has shown me how to exercise and live a healthy life. My cholesterol is now 100 total. Each one of the team members has been and continues to be my friends and the reason I feel so good today.

This program saved my life. I feel like I did in college and enjoy each and every day. [Laser Skin & Wellness] Center taught me to change my lifestyle. I quit smoking and drinking and learned how to eat healthy. There are many DIETS out there but most of them are a temporary solution. Surgery and health shakes can help but, it will only be successful if you learn how to eat in a healthy way. You do that by gaining knowledge about health and nutrition. The [Laser Skin & Wellness] Center have taught me those very important lessons.

Tom D. – Success Story

I am writing this to share my success story with [Laser Skin & Wellness] and the Immuno Laboratories Bloodprint.

I have suffered with psoriasis for 25 years and psoriatic arthritis for 3 years. I have tried every prescription and OTC cream, ointment, and salve on the market with little or no success. Finally in January of 2006 I was prescribed to what I thought was my miracle drug. This drug did wonders for my psoriasis and arthritis and I thought I would never have to worry about either of them again.

How wrong I was. 11 months into my treatment I started to have pretty severe neurological side effects. First losing feeling and function in my right arm and hand followed shortly by my left arm and hand. I was taken off the miracle drug and left to find my own treatment. That’s when I found out about the Immuno Lab bloodprint and the [Laser Skin & Wellness].

I am happy to report after 8 weeks in my new lifestyle of restricted diet and a vitamin regimen that most of my psoriasis has dissipated and my psoriatic arthritis is much better. I have an abundant amount of energy again (which arthritis drained) and I have lost 19 pounds in 8 short weeks. Yes, it takes work and a whole new commitment to what you eat. But after seeing the results after this short period of time, I am excited daily by the challenges of it.

Here’s to eating the right foods for YOUR body!

— Tom D.

Directors Note: Tom owns a restaurant business and has added a wheatless wrap to his menu once he found out that he (and many other folks) build up antigens to wheat and yeast causing inflammation. Inflammation is one of the major signals of many different types of inflammatory symptoms. The Immuno Lab food allergy test is unique and we have seen incredible results with many patients finding relief from issues they have suffered with for years.

Vicki – Success Story

I am so excited about my skin, my hair, my eyes and my body! Thank You so much for turning me on to the products that have brightened me inside and out!!

For 2 years I suffered with horrible eczema on my hand. It cracked and itched—it was painful and ugly!

I went to a local dermatologist seven (7) times and no help or luck! I had given up and started wearing a cotton glove with the fingers cut off because I was sooo embarrassed!

Since I began the regimen you prescribed for me—not only is my hand healed–but my skin is healthier over all! My eyes are brighter, and I have more energy to work out and be active!

Thank you so much—I will be forever grateful—and I will stick to my journey of health and wellness!

— Vicki